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Belmont Smoking Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the City of Belmont allow Smoking?

Yes, smoking is allowed on all streets and sidewalks, unless being used as outdoor workplaces or at city-sponsored events.  Smoking is also permitted inside detached single family homes and their lots (except those used as licensed child or health care facilities), inside individual multi-unit residences and their patio and yard areas which do not share any common floors and/or ceilings with any other units, in owner-designated outdoor smoking areas of multi-unit residences, in any city-designated outdoor smoking areas, inside significant tobacco retailers who prohibit minors from their stores, inside smoking designated hotel/motel rooms and in automobiles. Refer to the City of Belmont Smoking Ordinance.

Where is smoking prohibited?

Smoking is prohibited in the following places:

  • Inside all indoor workplaces, except defined tobacco retailers as described above;
  • In all outdoor workplaces (including outdoor eating and service areas of cafes and restaurants);
  • In outdoor public places, such as parks, sports stadiums and fields, recreation trails, and shopping malls;
  • In indoor and outdoor common areas of all multi-unit residences;
  • In individual units and their patio/yard areas of multi-unit residences which share common floors and/or ceilings with at least one other unit;
  • Twenty feet from outdoor areas where smoking is prohibited, unless passing through;
  • And within twenty feet of an entrance or exit used by the public, or operable window of an indoor area where smoking is prohibited.

Refer to the City of Belmont Smoking Ordinance.

Does vaping and smoking marijuana come under the same rules as smoking cigarettes?

Yes. For more information, refer to the City of Belmont Smoking Ordinance.

How do I report a Multi-Unit Housing (MUH) Smoking Ordinance Violation?
  • You can report violations of MUH smoking ordinances through the online public service request tool, the same way you can submit any non-emergency service requests, (e.g.: pothole, noise complaints, dangerous conditions, etc.). This reporting tool can be accessed from a browser at:, or click on the image below, and then typing in "smoking" in the search bar.
  • The reporting tool can also be downloaded as a mobile phone app:
                iPhone App Store | Google Play Store | See video for more info on how this app works.
  • Note: Report violations of MUH smoking ordinances can be submitted anonymously, and it is unlawful for any landlord or other person to take any retaliatory action against them for having reported a violation of an MUH smoking ordinance.
    For more information, refer to the City of Belmont Smoking Ordinance.