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Belmont Cannabis Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the City of Belmont Allow: 

Cannabis Businesses? 
The City of Belmont prohibits the establishment or operation of a cannabis business (both medical and recreational) in the City.

Cannabis Delivery within the City?
The City of Belmont does not prohibit delivery of cannabis or cannabis products to a residence within the City from a business located outside the City. 

Personal Cannabis Cultivation?
Personal cannabis cultivation is permitted, both indoor and outdoor, by a person 21 years or older, only if it is in compliance with the parameters established by Health and Safety Code Section 11362.2 and the following local requirements:

1.  Odor from cultivation must not to be detectable off the grounds of the private residence or from any place accessible to the public;
2.  Cultivation complies with and does not contribute to violation of the State Housing Law, the California Building Standards Codes as locally adopted and amended, the regulations for existing buildings in California Code of Regulations Title 25, and city property maintenance standards applicable to residential property;
3.  Cultivation does not displace required parking; And
4.  Cultivation is at all times a secondary use to an occupied private residence.  

City of Belmont Cannabis Ordinance