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The Belmont City Manager has proclaimed a Local State of Emergency to protect the public health and safety caused by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). More information...


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At the City Council meeting of June 6th, 2020, Councilmembers Hurt and Mates were appointed to an Ad Hoc Committee on Public Safety to review protocols, explore experiences of the public and work with the police department to support a forward-thinking public safety services aligned with community needs including civic engagement, partnerships, and public education to improve policing, health, and public safety.

Commitment to Listening and Action
The Council Ad Hoc Committee is engaging the community to gather your perspectives and experiences. The purpose is to listen to the community and provide multiple opportunities to listen and receive the community’s feedback and review our process and protocols with our police department. We anticipate committee’s work to span over the next few months as we review and continue our engagement with the community.

We will subsequently provide the full City Council with review of the protocols and recommendations to support a public safety services aligned with community needs.  

Community Engagement
The City will be hosting a series of dialogue sessions to help us create meaningful conversation regarding City policies, service delivery and policing. We invite you to share your perspectives so that, as a community, we can better understand the complex issues related to public safety and find ways for City services to work better for everyone.

How to Participate
The City is providing a number of ways for the community to participate in the public safety listening forums, in order to increase participation and ensure residents have an opportunity to provide input in the way that best suits their needs.

  • Send Comments by Email: To provide comments by email, please send your comments to to be included in the written record.
  • Submit a Personal Interview: The City is collecting personal interviews to gather as many perspectives as possible. The Subcommittee Members recognize that not all community members feel comfortable making comments or sharing their stories in a public setting. Please contact Belmont City Hall at 650-595-7408 to make an appointment for a personal interview with Councilmembers Hurt and Mates.

All comments received via the website, email and public testimony will be made part of the written record for the meeting and provided to the City Council. The written record will be made available for public review, in accordance with the City’s ongoing commitment to transparency, excluding any identifying material for those who wish to remain anonymous.

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July 15, 2020 - virtual public safety listening forumAgenda, Video

Future meeting dates and times will be published here and on our social media platforms.