Parking & Traffic Safety Committee (PTSC)

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This committee is comprised of senior members of the Department of Public Works, Police Department and Fire Department.  Residents may submit traffic and parking problems and/or recommendations to the Parking Traffic and Safety Committee (PTSC).   The PTSC will evaluate the request based on current policy, perform field investigations if required, review existing traffic information and schedule the item for discussion at a public PTSC meeting if needed.   

All items discussed at a PTSC meeting require notification to residents in the area of the problem/recommendation. Nearby residents may express their support or opposition to an item or offer additional information or recommendations for consideration via email, phone call or attendance at the meeting.

Some traffic related items such as installation of red curb require City Council Approval.  After review of such items and input from nearby residents, the PTSC will make a recommendation to the City Council for approval.


Policies and Guidelines

Time restricted parking in commercial areas, residential parking permits and parking on curves

Speed Hump Guidelines

Installation of Speed Humps

Installation of Street Lights

Installation of Stop Signs


Parking Traffic and Safety Request Form

Cipriani Meeting Slides

PTSC Agenda 19.04.24

PTSC Meeting Minutes 19.04.24

PTSC Meeting Minutes June 4, 2019

PTSC request forms may be submitted by mail to:

City of Belmont
Department of Public Works
One Twin Pine Lane, Suite 385
Belmont, CA 94002

Or via email Justin Lai at



Parking & Traffic Safety Committee Members:  (The committee consists of the following Public Works Staff, and additional members made up of Belmont Police Officers, as assigned.)

Alvarez, LeticiaCity Engineer/Assistant Public Works DirectorPublic Works(650) 595-7469
Lai, JustinAssociate EngineerPublic Works(650) 637-2998
Locke, RickPublic Works Services ManagerPublic Works(650) 595-7464

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