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Belmont Streets & City Services Measure Approved by Voters - Measure I

In November 2016, Belmont voters approved the Belmont Streets and City Services Measure (Measure I), a ½ cent general sales tax that will generate approximately $1.3 million annually for local infrastructure for the next 30 years. The 1/2 cent sales tax went into effect April 1, 2017.


While City of Belmont has practiced prudent fiscal management over the years, Belmont’s infrastructure and public safety needs require additional investments. Recent City audits indicate an additional $135 million is needed to address Belmont’s aging infrastructure needs. Belmont’s streets, sidewalks, and alleys are degraded; the City’s storm drain systems need to be upgraded for neighborhood protection and improved water quality; and Belmont needs to maintain 911 response times and public safety responses citywide.  

Funds generated from the Belmont Streets and City Services Measure are for the sole purpose of addressing Belmont’s infrastructure and other city services, and cannot be taken by the State. To further safeguard these funds, the Belmont Streets and City Services Measure is subject to a yearly independent audit and is reviewed by the Measure I Advisory Committee