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Hazard Mitigation

What is Hazard Mitigation & Why is it important? 

The City revised its Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP), where potential natural and human caused hazards that threaten our community are identified such as earthquakes, fire, flooding and the effects of climate change.  The plan also explores how these hazards would impact our community and identify the best ways to mitigate them, with a goal of saving lives and reducing property damage. 

Community input was vital to the development of this plan and the community was actively engaged in both the development process of Belmont’s Local Hazard Mitigation Plan and review/comment on the draft Local Hazard Mitigation Plan, prior to its final approval in September 2016, by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The

The plan has a 5 year "life" and we are now in the "maintenance phase" of the plan, which requires annual review of the plan.


Community input is vital to the success of this on going project, please take a few minutes to participate in our Local Hazard Mitigation Survey.

Association of Bay Area Governments, Resilience Program:

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Maps and Tools:

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