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Ralston Corridor Study and Improvements 

The Ralston Avenue Corridor Study and Improvements Project was a 2012/13 Belmont City Council Priority project. The City Council through their priority setting process acknowledged the need for a context-sensitive redesign of the roadway to not only improve service for existing users but to also effectuate a preferred future.

The purpose of the study was to determine the adequacy of the corridor for multi-modal use including pedestrians, bicyclists, transit, and vehicles under existing and future conditions, and to develop context sensitive transportation alternatives to improve multi-modal use along the corridor.  

Thanks to the hard work and concerted efforts of citizens, city staff, and consultants, the Ralston Avenue Corridor Study and Transportation Improvements Plan was unanimously approved by Belmont City Council as a Corridor Context Sensitive Plan on August 26, 2014.  View the study here.

Since the approval of the plan, a number of projects have been underway.  For information on individual projects please see the Projects Tab at the top of this page.


Ralston Avenue is an east-west divided arterial and a major thoroughfare that extends from State Route 92 in the west to U.S. Highway 101 in the east. The cross section varies from four lanes at its western end to two lanes at/near Alameda De Las Pulgas; and, again widens back to four lanes near Twin Pines Park and City Hall. Ralston Avenue is a unique and distinctive corridor in the region. This distinctive character of Ralston is due to the varying degrees of urban setting, cross-section and topography, which can be experienced as one travels through the corridor.

As this corridor is diverse in pedestrian activity, traffic patterns and community character, the corridor has been broken into four distinct segments:

Segment 1 – Highway 101 to El Camino Real
Segment 2 – El Camino Real to South Road
Segment 3 – South Road to Alameda de las Pulgas
Segment 4 – Alameda de las Pulgas to SR 92

By breaking the corridor down, the community and project team was able to focus on the specific issues within that area.  For additional information on the plan, please see the Background Tab at the top of this page.