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Meetings and Updates

November 22, 2016    Agenda
                                    Adoption of Plan

November 09, 2016-  Agenda
                                    Council Presentation
                                    Draft Comprehensive Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan

October 05, 2016- Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting

June 01, 2016- Presentation to the Park and Recreation Commission 

May 02, 2016- Stakeholder Advisory Group 

March 02, 2016- Presentation to the Park and Recreation Commission 

February 02, 2016- Stakeholder Advisory Group 

January 24, 2016- Walk and Bike Tour 

November 04, 2015- Presentation to the Park and Recreation Commission

October 28, 2015- Stakeholder Advisory Group


Pedestrian and Bicycle Existing Conditions & Needs Analysis

The City is currently developing a Comprehensive Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan (CPBMP)  to create a safe, comfortable and pedestrian and bicycle friendly environment which will encourage people of all ages to bike or walk. 

The goals of the CPBMP include:

  • Support adopted citywide, regional and State goals related to the provision of complete streets, and assist in implementing the City’s Complete Streets Policy (CSP) adopted in January 2013.
  • Assess pedestrian and bicycle conditions on a citywide basis.
  • Identify key deficiencies and prioritize projects where safety and mode switch are encouraged.
  • Guide the City’s future investments in pedestrian and bicycle facilities.
  • Promote multimodal transportation infrastructure that accommodates all users.
  • Provide the City with a strategic resource that aids in developing citywide pedestrian and bicycle networks.
  • Increase the rate of walking and bicycling in Belmont.
  • Decrease child obesity rate by promoting walking/biking to schools 


The first major step in the development of the CPBMP is an analysis of the existing conditions and needs for pedestrians and bicyclists with input from the community. 

As part of the CPBMP development, two major outreach efforts were conducted:

  • An online community survey was conducted to receive input on the day to day issues/concerns of pedestrians and bicyclist in the city.
  • Walk and Bike Field Tours took place in the Central, Cipriani and Sterling Downs Neighborhoods which allowed resident to participate on foot or on a bicycle and discuss what they experience on a daily basis and provide input on potential solutions.


A summary of the results of both of these efforts was presented to the City’s Park and Recreation Committee who serves as the City Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) on November 4, 2015, and March 2, 2016.

In addition to the outreach efforts above, a  Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) consisting of representative from the Business, Residential and School communities was formed to review and guide the efforts to develop the  overall CPBMP. The SAG has met on a regular basis to provide input from the various constituencies into the plan.     

The results of the community input efforts and a consultant gap analysis  has been incorporated into an Existing Conditions Assessment and Needs Analysis Report. This report is available on the project website and will be presented to and discussed the Park and Recreation Commission/BPAC on June 1st.  Following BPAC review, staff will develop a prioritized list of the capital pedestrian and bicycle improvement project to include in the plan.