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Report Storm Water Pollution
(650) 595-7425 (M-F 8-5) -Belmont Public Works
(650) 595-7400 (after hours) -Belmont Police Department

The storm system diverts water and debris away from road surfaces, and public access areas. Storm water flows into drains where it can be channeled into streams, lakes and bay, or the ground. The system consists of inlets or catch basins and underground pipelines.
Inspect and maintain over 26 miles of storm drain pipes, and approximately 1400 storm drain inlets;  Inspect and maintain two Storm Pump Stations: Harbor (ECR & Harbor), and Ralston (Old County Rd & Ralston); Inspect and maintain creeks and flood control facilities to ensure maximum handling of rainfall. 
Responsible for screening, tracking and reporting illicit discharges and spills and
Comply with California Regional Water Quality Control Board San Francisco Bay Region Municipal Regional Stormwater NPDES permit regulations.

Storm Water 
The City of Belmont implements a comprehensive storm water program as required by the Federal Clean Water Act. The program is designed to reach residents and businesses in the city with the overall goal of reducing storm water pollutants that enter the storm drain system and minimize potential water quality impacts to nearby creeks, sloughs and the bay.  Stormwater runoff contains many types of pollutants from the urban and industrial landscape. Stormwater runoff or urban runoff does not receive treatment in most cases, and is the single largest source of surface water pollution to Bay Area waters.