Survey Monuments

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City-wide control points map

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To locate the survey marker, click on the large map to locate the area you are surveying.  
Once you found your survey marker  click on the "control point" number in the column below the map to find the location and information.

CIty-wide control points map



Point 100-  2100 Ralston Avenue:  This contol point was destroyed in 2005 and no longer exists.   



Point 201- Monroe Ave  Point 226- Hiller St and Marine View
Point 202- Ralston Ave @ Davis Dr Point 228- Hiller St and Chesterton Ave 
Point 203- Barclay Way  Point 234- Davey Glen crosswalk @ El Camino 
Point 204- Chula Vista and Fernwood Way        Point 247- Chula Vista Dr and Solana Dr          
Point 205- Btwn 2050 & 2052 Monroe Ave  Point 252- Chula Vista Dr 
Point 209- Monte Cresta  Point 262- Hastings Dr 
Point 210- Island Parkway  Point 265- Hastings Dr and Ridgewood Ct 
Point 212- Beresford St and 42 St  Point 270- Hastings Dr and Bridge Ct
Point 213- Concourse Dr and Island Pkwy         Point 279- Hastings Dr and Witheridge Rd 
Point 214- Hallmark Dr-North of Benson Point 284- Carlmont Dr and Lake Rd
Point 217- Clipper Dr and Sotocastle Ln  Point 290- Cul-de-sac of Carlmont Dr
Point 219- Hiller St and Cambridge St  Point 296- Continentals Wy 
Point 223- Hiller St and Wessex Wy  Point 299- Continentals Wy and Cipriani  Blvd  


Point 303- San Juan Blvd and Marburger Ave 
Point 311- Davis Dr 
Point 312- Davis Dr 
Point 318- Hallmark Dr 
Point 319- Hallmark Dr and Wemberley Dr 
Point 321- Hallmark Dr and Leigh Wy 
Point 331- Marsten Ave 


Point 400- Camden Ave  Point 415- Harbor Blvd and Fairway Dr 
Point 401- Hillman Ave @ North Ct  Point 416- Notre Dame Ave and Arbor Ave 
Point 402- Ruth Ave and Malcolm Ave  Point 417- Notre Dame Ave and Manzanita Ave 
Point 403- Davey Glen Rd  Point 418- Nnotre Dame Ave and Ridge Rd  
Point 404- Middle Rd @ Hainline Dr  Point 419- Cipriani Blvd and Lincoln Ave 
Point 405- Middle Rd @ Laurel Ct  Point 420- Cipriani Blvd and Ponce Ave 
Point 407- Lori Dr and Marsten Ave  Point 421- Notre Dame Ave and Miller Ave 
Point 408- Hillcrest Dr and Lower Lock Ave  Point 444- Molitor Rd and Lane St 
Point 409- Hillcrest Dr and Naughton Ave     Point 445- Molitor Rd and Harbor Blvd             
Point 410- 6th Ave and O'Neill Ave  Point 446- Spring Ln and Vine St 
Point 411- 6th Ave and Harbor Blvd