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Solid Waste and Recycling Documents & Reports
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About Your Waste, Recycling & Compost

Waste, Recycling and Compost Services

Collection and disposal of regular solid waste, targeted recyclable and organic material for the City of Belmont is provided under contract with Recology of San Mateo County.  These services are required for all residential and commercial premises within the City limits. The residential collection hours are 6:00 am - 6:00 pm on weekdays (i.e. Monday through Friday) exclusive of Holidays.

Basic Services includes:

* Once a week collection of garbage, recyclables, and compost (all collected on the same day)

* Twice a year scheduled collection of bulky items to single-family residents. Recology's bulky item pick up     service is a safe and responsible way to dispose of items you no longer want or need and is offered at no       additional charge. Contact Recology to make an appointment.

* Street sweeping services

* Free of Charge Community Shred events, Compost events & E-scrap events (offered throughout the year)

* Christmas tree recycling collection

* Landfill fees for disposal of garbage & costs associated with handling recyclable & organic materials

To assist residents in understanding what their garbage rates include, RethinkWaste has updated its website to include rate information. The pages include a general introduction to rates, frequently asked questions, and an editorial from The Daily Journal on garbage rates. To learn more, go to RethinkWaste


As of July 1, 2012, California requires all businesses that generate four (4) or more cubic yards of garbage per week and multi-family dwellings with five (5) or more units to recycle.  

AB 1826 Compost recycling

2014 RethinkWaste Annual Report

AB 1826 Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling (brochure)

AB 341 Mandatory Commercial Recycling