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The City of Belmont has designated “fill your own” sites for residents in need of sandbags. Sand and bags are available anytime 7-days a week (shovels provided) at several locations.  Residents, particularly those who live in areas that regularly experience some flooding, are strongly encouraged to pick up sandbags to ensure they are prepared for possible flooding. Residents may obtain up to 10 bags per Belmont address. 

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FEMA Flood Maps

Floods can happen everywhere, making them one of the country's most common natural disasters.  Flooding poses a greater threat in low-lying areas, near water, and downstream from dams.  Even the smallest streams, creek beds stormdrains can overflow and create flooding.  

During periods of heavy rain or extended periods of steady rain, be aware of the possibility of a flood.  Flash floods develop quickly - anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.  Listen to local weather reports such as NOAA for flooding information. 

To find out if you are in a flood zone, click here.

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