Cig Butt banners

Receptacle/Sign Locations

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Cig Butt Campaign Sign v07 FINAL_1


Receptacle- 5th ave parking lot 5th Avenue Public Parking Lot Receptacle Oneill Slough South Jameco O'Neill Slough Trail (South) Receptacle Sports Complex-Convention Center Sports Complex/Convention Center

Receptacle Vista Point

Vista Point 

Receptacle Carlmont

 Carlmont Shopping Center


Signage Oneill Slough South by Jameco

 O'Neill Slough Trail (South)

Signage Ralston at Barrett

Barrett Park 

Signage Sports Complex Oneill Slough Trail

O'Neill Slough Trail (North)

sign walgreens Bus stop in front of Walgreens

Signage-Starbucks ECR
Bus stop 1050 El Camino Real

Signage-LariatBus stop by Lariat (El Camino)

Sign Carlmont
Carlmont Shopping Center