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Take part to help keep our waterways clean

All storm drains in Belmont go directly to Belmont Creek and into San Francisco Bay.   In order to keep them flowing properly and to minimize localized flooding during rain events, protecting our waterways and keeping them clear is key to water pollution prevention and flooding prevention.

A clean community is a happy community.   

The City has a comprehensive preventative maintenance program to inspect, monitor and maintain 1,400 of our storm drain inlets throughout the city.  Regular scheduled street sweeping are in place, with enhanced sweeping during winter months.  “No Dumping-Flows to Bay” storm drain placards are installed on every storm drain.  The Belmont Public Works Department has also installed trash capture devices in 69 storm drains where litter activities have been an issue.  

When leaves, litter and other harmful waste enter the storm drain, not only can it cause backups, but it is unsightly in our own neighborhoods.   Not to mention, litter and other pollutants can harm wildlife, fish, and the environment.

The City of Belmont has started the Adopt-A-Drain Pilot Program for residents to take part in being proactive in their neighborhood. 

What is Adopt-A-Drain?

Any resident can adopt a drain in their neighborhood.  Just fill out the online form and select an address location of the storm drain from the Adopt A Drain map that you would like to adopt. Once you have adopted a drain, be committed to keeping the top of the grate clear of leaves and trash.  Report illegal dumping and drainage, and any backups that are coming from below the grate or if the inlet below the grate has trash.  Staff will come out and remove the grate and clear any blockage.

Once you have signed up, you or your family will be recognized on our Adopt-A-Drain page and receive an Adopt-A-Drain starter kit.