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Community Garden

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The Parks and Recreation Department offers 25 community garden plots located at Barrett Community Center that’s on City-owned property, where members can grow organic produce for personal use.


Is gardening for you?

Gardening can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, before committing to the Belmont Community Garden Policy and Procedures, ask yourself these questions: Am I prepared to consistently put in the work that is necessary to reap its rewards? Am I available to participate 3-4 times a year on community clean-up events? Am I willing to participate in occasional community garden education events?

Belmont gardening takes place year-round; this means time and consistent effort to maintain and produce a healthy harvest is required. The following is a recommended general guideline:


Monthly garden hours per season: 

 Garden Tasks  Spring  Summer Fall        Winter 
 Weeding/plot prep  2  2  2  1
 Planting  1.5  .5  .5  .5
 Watering  1  1  .5  .5
 Harvesting  .5  1  1.5  .5
 Clean up  2  2  2  2
 Plot & Perimeter  2  2  2  1
 Total estimate  9  8.5  8.5  5.5

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As you can see, renting a community garden plot does not mean plant and water occasionally!  If reading this questionnaire and introduction gets you excited to garden and be part of Belmont’s garden community, then come on board! Be prepared to have fun as you enjoy the wonders of gardening!


 Community Garden 1

Are you interested in signing up for a plot?
You can join the Waitlist. If you are interested in applying for a garden plot, please email the Parks and Recreation Staff at and provide your first and last name, email, Belmont home address, and a daytime phone number. You will be added to the Waitlist and will be contacted once a spot becomes available. Due to high demand, please expect to wait approximately 3 years before a plot becomes available.