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Why does the City need a Master Plan for Twin Pines Park?

The park’s unique combination of recreation, rental, community-building, arts, historical, and natural assets can be better leveraged once a master plan is in place.  This plan will also address circulation and accessibility challenges.  A consultant, Gates + Associates, has been engaged to prepare outreach and engagement events to assess the community’s vision for the park and will prepare conceptual designs outlining the park’s future improvements. The master plan will be presented to the Parks & Recreation Commission and City Council.  

How will the Community be involved in the planning process?

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In conjunction with Gates + Associates, the Parks & Recreation Department will host 'pop-up' booths at upcoming events.  At the booth, community members of all ages can provide valuable input towards this effort.  

Completed Community Engagement Events:

  • July 29 – Concert in the Park
  • Sept 7 – Movie in the Park
  • Sept 19 - School age group @ Barrett
  • Sept 24 - Teen group – VOICES @ Library
  • Sept 26 - Seniors @ Community Center
  • Sept 29 - Fit Fun Family Day @ Barrett
  • Sept 30 – Starbucks @ Carlmont Shopping Center
  • Oct 2 – Starbucks @ Carlmont Shopping Center
  • Oct 2 – Seniors @ Community Center
  • Online survey participation: 325
  • Oct 13 – Water Dog Run @ Twin Pines Park
  • Oct 14 – Save the Music @ Twin Pines Park
  • Oct 16 – Senior Club @ Community Center
  • Oct 18 – Youth Advisory Committee @ Barrett
  • Nov 7 - Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting

Upcoming Community Engagement Events:

  • January 9 – Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting

Where are we now?

December 17, 2018 Update

The draft Twin Pines Park Master Plan was presented to the Parks and Recreation Commission on November 7.  The public was invited to this meeting via communications to Belmont Homeowners Associations, City of Belmont Weekly Updates and website, and social media. The presentation was led by Linda Gates, CO-Founder of Gates + Associates. Commissioners provided valuable comments and requested clarification on certain features and design options.  Gates + Associates is incorporating this feedback into a revised Master Plan which will be reviewed by the Master Plan Committee on December 20th and presented to the Commission on January 9, 2019.

October 23, 2018 Update

The Master Plan Committee, in conjunction with Gates + Associates, is pleased to present the draft conceptual designs for the Twin Pines Park Master Plan project.  Feedback from multiple community outreach events and an online survey was integrated with park circulation and landscape design best practices to develop a base plan and a few alternative options.  

The base plan incorporates and celebrates the natural beauty of our jewel and, as promised, highlights several opportunities where this gem could be polished a bit to shine even brighter. These upgrades could be phased into the park over time, as budget resources permit.  A few highlights include:

  1. Replace Vacant Creekside studios with a bocce ball court
  2. Add a bridge near the cottage building and construct a loop trail along both sides of the creek
  3. Make Cottage Lane more pedestrian friendly
  4. Establish safe access to the creek
  5. Enhance landscaping and pedestrian paths in front of park buildings
  6. Provide adventure play options within the park
  7. Relocate and upgrade the park restrooms 
  8. Upgrade the play structures and add a splash pad

See more information about the first round of Community Engagement here.

The Committee also identified three key areas where significant alternative options should be considered:  the Redwood Grove (large group picnic rental area), parking and auto circulation, and the future of the building which currently houses the Parks & Rec Department offices. 

Alternative options were prepared for three areas: 
(Check out the sketches of these options)

1. Redwood Grove

a.  The base plan includes the following upgrades:  a footpath around the grove, an upgraded picnic/ shelter space
b.  Option 1 would place more activity options into this space.  Perhaps sand volleyball, an exercise course, etc.  The objective would be to make this space more appealing for individual users and groups.
c.  Option 2 would create a more attractively landscaped area including terraced access for all abilities to the creek.

2. Parking

a.  The base plan includes adding a pedestrian path along the parking lot to provide a safer route from the park to downtown
b.  Option 1 would reduce the size of the landscaped oval in front of the Manor House to create additional parking.  The larger lot would be reduced in size and a drop off lane would be added. This design improves traffic flow near the park, but slightly reduces the total number of parking spaces 
c.  Option 2 would eliminate the landscaped oval in front of the Manor House to provide more parking and a landscaped plaza to better highlight the majesty of the Manor House.  The larger lot would be reduced in size and a drop off lane would be added. This design improves traffic flow near the park and adds approximately 5 parking spaces.

3. Parks & Recreation Department Building

a.   The base plan keeps the parks and rec department offices in their current location.  Upgrades will be required to this building to improve accessibility for all.  These upgrades will cost $500K+
b.   Option 1 would be to remove this building and relocate Parks & Rec department into the ground floor of City Hall. The area formerly occupied by the Parks & Rec building would become usable park space.

This is a lot of information to digest.  The Parks & Recreation Commission will be reviewing these topics in depth at the November 7th Commission meeting (7pm, Council Chambers).  Community input and questions are welcome!  If you can’t attend the meeting but have questions or input, please feel free to contact me anytime.

Thank you

Brigitte Shearer
Parks & Recreation Director