COVID-19: City of Belmont Updates

The Belmont City Manager has proclaimed a Local State of Emergency to protect the public health and safety caused by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). More information...


Emergency Notifications

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Emergency Notifications

When there is an emergency or other event of community concern, there can never be too many modes of communicating critical information to our residents. Keeping this in mind, City officials are encouraging residents to register to receive emergency alert messages by registering on the following social media platforms:

Belmont Police Department Twitter
The Belmont Police Department (BPD) posts crime alerts, news, information, and emergency notifications on their Twitter page. You can view tweets with or without a Twitter account. You can receive tweets via SMS texts to your mobile device by following @belmontcapolice and enabling text alerts within your account settings. If you choose not to create a Twitter account, you can still receive text alerts on your mobile device by texting "follow belmontcapolice" to the number 40404.  Typically, information on Twitter is intended for people both inside and outside Belmont.

Belmont Nextdoor
Nextdoor is an interactive online neighborhood community for Belmont residents.  Sign-up based on the neighborhood where you live.  The City and City Departments have the ability to post on Nextdoor to one, several or all neighborhoods as needed. Typically City posts on Nextdoor are for residents and businesses in Belmont.

San Mateo County (SMC) Alert
SMC Alert is a free, county-wide alert notification system operated by the San Mateo County Office of Emergency Services used to immediately contact you during urgent or emergency situations. Select the group "Belmont" and/or any town in the county. You can receive updates via email or text messages.  Typically, alerts posted on SMC Alert are of a more serious or urgent nature. General information would be posted on one or more of the other social media platforms.

Belmont Creek Gauge Monitor Belmont Creek runs from Water Dog Lake in western Belmont to the SF Bay and is part of Belmont's storm water management system. A creek level monitor at Harbor Blvd & Old County Rd. The National Weather Service (NWS) and City staff receive data from this monitor and are alerted when the creek level is approaching possible flooding conditions (Creek levels and other data are provided for information purposes only).