Zoning Ordinance

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Section 1  General
Section 2  Definitions (Current through Ordinance 2019-1141)
Section 3   Zoning Districts Established (Current through Ordinance 2018-1129)
Section 4  Residential (Current through Ordinance 2018-1133)
Section 5  Commercial Districts (Current through Ordinance 2018-1131)
Section 5A   Corridor Mixed Use District (Current through Ordinance 2019-1141) 
Section 5B  Harbor Industrial Area (Current through Ordinance 2017-1124)
Section 5C   Public and Semi-Public or PS District (Current through Ord. 2017-1124)     
Section 6     Manufacturing Districts
Section 7     Agricultural (REPEALED)

Section 7A 

 Schools and Compatible Multiple Uses

Section 7B 

 Open Space - Public
Section 8  Off-Street Parking and Loading (Current through Ordinance 2018-1131)
Section 8A                

 Off-Street Parking and Loading in Corridor Mixed Use, and Regional   Commercial Districts (Current through Ordinance 2019-1141)

Section 9                       General Regulations (Current through Ordinance 2018-1131)
Section 10   Planning Procedures (Current through Ordinance 2018-1131)
Section 11   Reserved
Section 12   Planned Unit Development or "PD" District
Section 13   Design Review
Section 13A   Single Family and Duplex Residential Design Review                                          
   (Current through Ordinance 2018-1131)
Section 14   Reserved
Section 15   Reserved
Section 16  Amendments
Section 17   Enforcement
Section 18   Enactment
Section 19   Automobile Service Stations
Section 20  Reserved
Section 21   Special Combining Districts (Current through Ordinance 2014-1079)
Section 22   Design Control District
Section 23   Signs
Section 23A   Signs on Public Property (Current through Ordinance 2018-1130)                    
Section 24   Accessory Dwelling Units (Current through Ordinance 2018-1131)
Section 25   Signal Receiving or Transmitting Antennas 
Section 26   Density Bonuses
Section 27   Reserved 
Section 28  Development Agreements
Section 29   Affordable Housing
Section 31  Village Districts (Current through Ordinance 2019-1138)