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🏠 Belmont Vision Statement



  • Belmont prides itself on being unique.
  • Its small-town ambiance sets it apart as a tranquil, inclusive, safe, and desirable place to live, work and play.
  • We get involved in town matters because we care about living here.
  • We connect with each other in all kinds of gathering places.
  • We value and celebrate a strong commitment to diversity, inclusion, safety, equality and dignity for all individuals in Belmont.
  • Our strong sense of community and enjoyment of the town’s assets and activities deepen as we become better informed and connected.  


  • We put a priority on getting out of, into, and through town efficiently.
  • Bicyclists, walkers, and other non-drivers get where they’re going easily and safely.
  • We require safe residential streets and smooth-flowing thoroughfares.


  • We choose to make our home among these beautiful hills, trees, parks, views, and open spaces.
  • Our natural surroundings inspire us to play, create, and contemplate.
  • Our actions today preserve and enhance Belmont’s beauty to make it even lovelier for future generations.
  • Our wooded residential areas are diverse, peaceful and well maintained.


  • Belmont is a wonderfully safe, culturally diverse and supportive place to raise a family.
  • We facilitate lifelong learning in our academic, artistic, athletic, and social dimensions and we thrive on interconnection with the rest of the world.
  • Our schools and library are the pride of the community.
  • Our university is intrinsic to Belmont’s social, artistic and economic life.
  • Our playgrounds and athletic fields are of high quality and in high gear.
  • The arts thrive in this creative, appreciative town – the arts hub of the Peninsula.
  • Our history makes Belmont what it is, and we preserve that heritage for our children.


  • A charming, vibrant town center is the heart of our civic and economic life.
  • Our economy prospers with a mix of attractive, successful businesses that fit with our community character.
  • We look first into our town shops and restaurants for what we need.
  • Education, arts and the economy flourish in concert.
🏠 General Plan and Belmont Village Specific Plan
🏠 Residential Design Guidelines & Criteria
🏠 Subdivision Ordinance
🏠 Western Hills Area Plan
Western Hills Area Plan (Adopted June 12, 1990)
🏠 Zoning Ordinance