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👨‍💻 California Building Code Standards

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Code Standards 
(Applicable Code Standards Effective (1/1/2020)
2019 Triennial Edition of CCR, Title 24

The 2019 triennial edition of the California Code of Regulations, Title 24 (California Building Standards Code) applies to all occupancies that applied for a building permit on or after January 1, 2020, and remains in effect until the effective date of the 2022 triennial edition.

There are 12 parts to Title 24.
The applicable parts for most Building Division permit applications are listed below:

Part 2: The 2019 California Building Code (CBC) is based on the 2016 IBC, but includes numerous State of California amendments.

Part 2.5: The 2019 California Residential Code (CRC) is based on the 2016 IRC, but includes numerous State of California amendments and does not include the electrical, energy, mechanical, or, plumbing portions of the IRC, and instead parts 3 through 6 of Title 24 as listed below apply.

Part 4: The 2019 California Mechanical Code (CMC) is based on the 2016 UMC with State of California amendments.

Part 6: The 2019 California Energy Code is the current version from the California Energy Commission.

Part 11: The 2019 California Green Building Standards Code (CALGreen Code) This Part is known as the California Green Building Standards Code, and it is intended that it shall also be known as the CALGreen Code.