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The Climate Action Plan (CAP) is a comprehensive plan for addressing Belmontā€™s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and serves as a mitigation strategy under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for GHG/climate change impacts associated with the adopted 2035 Belmont General Plan and Belmont Village Specific Plan (BVSP). Projects that demonstrate consistency with the Belmont General Plan (and the BVSP, if applicable) and CAP are allowed a streamlined CEQA review process for mitigation of GHG emissions, pursuant to CEQA Guidelines.

What does this plan entail?

  • A GHG inventory and forecast*
  • GHG emissions reductions targets for the year 2035
  • Quantified reduction strategies and performance standards to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • An implementation framework to achieve the required reduction
  • Efforts the City will take to monitor progress towards emissions targets

Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Forecast*

The greenhouse gas inventory provides a baseline year, 2005, against which progress toward the City goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 50% by 2035 can be achieved.  Information will need to be collected from various sectors and sources, including the Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Transportation and Land Use, Waste, Wastewater, and Stationary Sources sectors.

Climate Action Strategies

The plan provides a list of programs and measures - all of which will be further developed and vetted independently. These programs are designed to increase environmental efficiency in energy and transportation, curtail waste deposited into landfill, and as well as catalyze development of adaptation plans.  For further details, view the Adopted Belmont Climate Action Plan 2017

 To view the  Adopted Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that covers the Climate Action Plan and the city's 2035 General Plan, and Belmont Village Specific Plan, click here


Climate Action Plan

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