COVID-19: City of Belmont Updates

The Belmont City Manager has proclaimed a Local State of Emergency to protect the public health and safety caused by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). More information...



The City of Belmont Economic Development program is a collaborative effort between the Finance and Community Development Departments. The Belmont City Council has established Economic Development and Downtown Revitalization as City-wide priorities, and the City is undertaking several significant planning efforts that will work to facilitate a thriving local economy. 

Belmont Vision Statement identifies "Thriving Economy" as a long range goal for the City of Belmont.

Our Community Values:

  • A charming, vibrant town center is the heart of our civic and economic life.
  • Our economy prospers with a mix of attractive, successful businesses that fit with our community character.
  • We look first in our own shops and restaurants for what we need.
  • Education, arts and the economy flourish in concert.

Belmont's Economic Development Program Components:

RETENTION  Helping our existing local businesses compete and thrive.

REVITALIZATION  Utilizing existing and new tools to implement programs and practices that boost Belmont's economy.

RECRUITMENT  Looking to the future to attract new developers, businesses, and economic opportunities.