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Meetings & Updates 

August 2, 2012
Presentation | Meeting Minutes August 2, 2012 | Public Comments

February 12, 2013
Presentation | Scope of Work | Study Schedule (updated 05-22-2013) | Staff Report | Resolution

April 18, 2013
Kick-off Meeting-
At this meeting, we discussed the community concerns and ideas for the corridor. Through the Community Workshop Presentation, we brainstormed opportunities to improve Ralston Avenue. The purpose of this Workshop was to provide an overview of the study, discuss the data collection processes and schedule, and provide the opportunity for members of the community to ask questions and provide input. Meeting materials and notes are available here: 
Community Workshop Presentation l   Workshop Comments online comment form 

May, 2013
The project team and City staff conducted a “Walking Audit” of the corridor to examine issues related to sidewalks, crosswalks, bike paths and transit stops.  We also conducted stakeholder interviews with the cross section of neighborhood associations, businesses and institutions. The reports are available here:  
Issues and Analysis Report (Sept. 10, 2013) |  Issues and Analysis Report Appendices (Sept. 10, 2013)

September 18, 2013
Community Workshop: Ralston Avenue Corridor Study Preliminary Design Concepts-
A public workshop was held on September 18, 2013 to share data collected, traffic analysis findings, and provide the opportunity for community members to review and provide input on preliminary design options.  Over 50 people attended to participate in the process. The input received will inform and guide the recommended design.  Workshop materials and meeting notes are available here:  
Corridor Improvement Options | Option Matrix | Meeting Notes

February 20, 2014
Community Workshop: Ralston Avenue Corridor Conceptual Improvements-
The project team developed recommended conceptual improvements based on input received at the previous community meetings.  A community meeting was held on February 20, 2014 for public review of the recommendations.  Workshop materials and meeting notes are available here: 
Recommended Conceptual Improvements  | Meeting Notes

April 2, 2014
Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting- 
The Parks & Recreation Commission heard a presentation by the consultants for the Ralston Avenue Corridor Study including a discussion of the transportation concepts for Twin Pines Park.

April 8, 2014
City Council Meeting City Council heard a presentation and discussion of the Draft Ralston Avenue Corridor Conceptual Study Improvements. 
Meeting Notes and Flyer 

May 21, 2014
Open House: Ralston Avenue Corridor Conceptual Improvements-
An open house was held on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 to gather additional feedback on the recommended conceptual improvements. Flyer 

August 26, 2014

City Council Meeting-
The purpose of this Council meeting was to adopt the Ralston Avenue Corridor Study and Improvements Plan as a Corridor Context Sensitive Plan.   Flyer l Corridor Study and Improvement plans | View staff report and resolution | View video 


April 28, 2015
City Council Meeting-
City Council approved a contract amendment with Whitlock and Weinberger Transportation, Inc. for the Ralston Avenue Corridor Improvement Plan Phase III to develop final alternatives, short term and long term capital improvement projects, associated budgets and funding strategies.   Staff Report | Resolution | Whitlock and Weinberger Transportation Proposal