Encroachment Permits
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Engineering reviews construction and stormwater plans submitted by private developers to ensure they meet engineering standards and erosion control regulations. The purpose of many of these reviews is to protect public health and safety, public right-of-way, along with the environment.  Once plans are reviewed and approved, a permit will need to be obtained for work.

For Permit fees, please visit the Finance page to view the Master Fee Schedule.                                                                                    

Temporary Encroachment Form

Public Works Encroachment Permits 
The purpose of an encroachment permit is mainly used to approve and monitor any construction or other work within the public right-of-way. Section 22-1 of the Belmont Municipal Code (BMC) defines an encroachment as including going over, upon, under or using any public right-of-way or public watercourse in such a manner as to prevent, obstruct or interfere with its normal use.

Ralston Avenue Banner Permit
A Banner Permit grants permission to temporarily occupy one of two City-owned banner locations for the purpose of providing notice to residents and visitors of special events.

Grading Permit
A grading permit shall be required when the combined volume of material excavated and filled will exceed fifty (50) cubic yards; the depth of any cut or fill will exceed two (2) feet at its deepest point measured from the natural ground; grading and/or vegetation removal will disturb an area of more than two thousand (2,000) square feet; or other excavation as part of a geologic or geotechnical investigation required by the city.

Oversized Load-Transportation Permits
If a vehicle is overdimensional (oversize) or overweight, a temporary permit is needed. This permit authorizes movement according to vehicle configurations and weight and contains routing information, travel regulations/restrictions, and safety requirements.

Street Closure Permit Form
A street closure permit form is required for closures of street for block events.  


Project Forms: 

Stormwater Checklist for Small Projects

C3 C6 Development Review Checklist