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Are you a teen interested in helping your community? Join VOICES, a teen community service group of students from the Belmont/San Carlos area. We participate in several service projects throughout the school year all around the Bay Area. Join us for our upcoming “VOICES Rush” on Monday, August 28 from 4-5 pm at the Belmont Library.


Each fall, applicants are selected for the group to replace graduating seniors. VOICES accepts applications from students who are; freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors in the spring. Once applicants are accepted, they remain active in the group until they graduate high school.


VOICES meets two Mondays a month to discuss and plan upcoming events and activities. Members can expect to participate in at least one volunteer activity per month. Events are usually scheduled during the weekends so as not to interfere with classes.


VOICES is a Belmont Parks & Recreation Department Program. Supervision of the group is provided by Youth and Teen Recreation Coordinator Jeffrey Giacoletto 650-637-2927 and Teen Librarian Kayla Marie Figard 650-591-8286 x233.

Meet Our Current Members

  1. Lilly He; Sophomore
  2. Alex Chen; Sophomore    
  3. Sarga Nair; Sophomore
  4. Srikar Bevara; Junior     
  5. Kaila McCord; Junior   
  6. Larissa McCord; Junior  
  7. Nihal Karim; Junior
  8. Jerry Liu; Senior
  9. Clara Fields; Senior