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Twin Pines Park Master Plan Project

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Why does the City need a Master Plan for Twin Pines Park?

The park’s unique combination of recreation, rental, community-building, arts, historical, and natural assets can be better leveraged once a master plan is in place.  This plan will also address circulation and accessibility challenges.  A consultant, Gates + Associates, has been engaged to prepare outreach and engagement events to assess the community’s vision for the park and will prepare conceptual designs outlining the park’s future improvements. The master plan will be presented to the Parks & Recreation Commission and City Council.  

How will the Community be involved in the planning process?

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In conjunction with Gates + Associates, the Parks & Recreation Department will host 'pop-up' booths at upcoming events.  At the booth, community members of all ages can provide valuable input towards this effort.  

Completed Community Engagement Events:

  • July 29 – Concert in the Park
  • Sept 7 – Movie in the Park
  • Sept 19 - School age group @ Barrett
  • Sept 24 - Teen group – VOICES @ Library
  • Sept 26 - Seniors @ Community Center
  • Sept 29 - Fit Fun Family Day @ Barrett
  • Sept 30 – Starbucks @ Carlmont Shopping Center
  • Oct 2 – Starbucks @ Carlmont Shopping Center
  • Oct 2 – Seniors @ Community Center
  • Online survey participation: 325
  • Oct 13 – Water Dog Run @ Twin Pines Park
  • Oct 14 – Save the Music @ Twin Pines Park
  • Oct 16 – Senior Club @ Community Center

Upcoming Community Engagement Events:

  • Oct 18 – Youth Advisory Committee @ Barrett
  • Nov 7 - Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting

What’s the next step in the planning process?

The Master Plan Committee has had two meetings:  The first to review goals and objectives of the planning effort and confirm outreach process.  The second meeting included a review of outreach data gathered to date.  Gates + Associates shared preliminary conceptual options. The Master Plan Committee, Parks & Rec staff and Gates + Associates are working diligently to continue to collect input from the Community in various ways – opportunities for individuals to ‘vote’ on what they like and/ or want to see improved in the park, online surveys asking similar questions, and meetings with key stakeholder groups.  Some important themes are already starting to emerge from the feedback and input received thus far.  With this information, Gates + Associates is preparing design options for the community to consider.  These options will be unveiled in mid-October and will again allow the community to respond with feedback and input.  

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!
Thank you

Brigitte Shearer
Parks & Recreation Director