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Twin Pines Park Master Plan Project

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Why does the City need a Master Plan for Twin Pines Park?

The park’s unique combination of recreation, rental, community-building, arts, historical, and natural assets can be better leveraged once a master plan is in place.  This plan will also address circulation and accessibility challenges.  A consultant, Gates + Associates, has been engaged to prepare outreach and engagement events to assess the community’s vision for the park and will prepare conceptual designs outlining the park’s future improvements. The master plan will be presented to the Parks & Recreation Commission and City Council.  

How will the Community be involved in the planning process?

In conjunction with Gates + Associates, the Parks & Recreation Department will host 'pop-up' booths at upcoming events in the park.  At the booth, community members of all ages can provide valuable input towards this effort.  There are currently 4 pop-up events scheduled: 

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  • July 29 - Concert in the Park, 1pm-4pm
  • September 7 - Movie Night, 6:30-8pm
  • October 13 - Belmont Water Dog Run, 9am-11am
  • October 14 -Save the Music, 11am-5:30pm


In addition, we'll keep this website updated with news and information about upcoming Parks and Recreation and City Council meetings where the Master Plan will be discussed.