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Serving the City of Belmont and the Harbor Industrial Area since 1926

O'Neill Av Fire Station 1930


On June 21, 1926, forty-two men gathered in the auditorium of Central Elementary School and organized the Belmont Volunteer Fire Department. For the first several months, water buckets and wet sacks were the only equipment the department utilized to suppress fires but after a series of fundraisers the department was able to acquire a second-hand Seagrave chemical and hose truck from the City of San Leandro for $700. On March 28, 1928, the Belmont Fire Protection District was organized as an independent political subdivision with tax-levying powers to raise money to finance the department.

Ralston Mansion Fire

During the depression in 1935 the department’s central fire station was built on O’Neill Avenue as part of the State Emergency Relief Administration (SERA) as a way to put unemployed residents to work.  In 1938 the department hired its first full-time paid employees. Today, the department staffs two fire stations with twenty-one Firefighters. The Fire District’s Board of Directors is comprised of members of the Belmont City Council and their meetings are held concurrent with the City Council Meetings, which occur on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. For agendas and minutes from the meetings please click here.

Oneill Headquarters