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ADU Application Requirements

Applications for ADUs

ADUs that meet City standards, are ministerial (may be approved without discretionary review); however, applicants need to prepare an application with sufficient information to demonstrate compliance with the standards, and apply for a building permit (when applicable). 

The following is required for submittal of an ADU application:

All Applications

  1. Standard Planning Application form
  2. Site Plan
  3. Floor plans
  4. Written acknowledgement by the property owner of the restrictions in subsections (a) through (c) regarding sale, owner occupancy, and short term rentals of Accessory Dwelling Units.

    a)  The accessory dwelling unit may not be sold separately from the existing single-family home.

    b)  Either the single-family home or the accessory dwelling unit must be owner-occupied if the home and accessory dwelling unit are occupied by different families.

    c)  Neither the accessory dwelling unit nor the single-family home may be used for short-term (i.e., less than 30 days) residential rentals. 

  5. Fees – two hours of staff time (fully burdened rate)

ADU Additions

In addition to the submittal requirements above, the following submittals are required for ADU additions (Attached and Detached ADUs):   

  1. Elevations – showing exterior materials (windows, doors, siding, roof materials and slopes) and Residential Design Criteria (RDC) compliance (if applicable)
  2. Site pictures
  3. Fees – three hours of staff time (fully burdened rate)

Standard Condition of Approval All ADUs

  1.  Recordation of covenant regarding sale, owner occupancy, and short term rentals of Accessory Dwelling Units (see attached).