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Financial Management


Annual Financial Reports

Monthly Financial Reports (Current)

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About Financial Management

Financial Management Services provided by the Finance Department include:

  • Financial planning, analysis, and reporting including annual financial report, State Controller's Report and other agency reporting
  • Budget preparation, implementation and monitoring
  • Financial data processing, including payroll, accounts payable, purchasing, fixed assets, cash receipts and accounts receivable
  • Cost, project and grant accounting
  • Operations support
  • Financial oversight (Controllership) activities, including management of system of internal control
  • Other financial services as necessary

Financial Reporting

The Finance Department is nationally recognized for its excellence in financial reporting. In this section, users can access the City's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), which includes discussion, analysis, operating results and statistical data on the City of Belmont, Belmont Redevelopment Agency, Belmont Fire Protection District and other entities.

The department also prepares the monthly financial results for the entity in an easy to understand format, as well as performance data on the City's investments.




Historical Monthly Financial Reports: