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Merry Moppet Preschool / Belmont Oaks Academy Project

Merry Moppet Preschool & Belmont Oaks Academy (MM/BOA) is proposing site improvements and an increase in enrollment on its 1.5-acre site campus at 2200 Carlmont Drive.

Demolition and Construction

Approximately 4,748 square feet of existing (modular and wood-framed) buildings would be removed from the existing 20,564 square feet of buildings on the project site. The project would construct a 12,150 square foot classroom building for a total of 27,966 square feet of floor area on the site, an increase of 7,382 square feet of building space on the site resulting in a floor area ratio (FAR) of 0.42.  A summary of the project construction is shown below.

Project Construction Square Footage Chart:

Project Component

Square Footage

Existing Campus Buildings


Proposed Building Demolition


Proposed New Construction


Total Project Site Floor Area


Project Site Floor Area Change



The project would be constructed in three phases:

  • Phase 1 would include demolition of the buildings and construction of the new classroom and installation of a new synthetic turf area
  • Phase 2 would renovate and replace existing play areas and install new play areas/structures
  • Phase 3 would renovate existing classrooms and administration offices in three buildings.

School Enrollment

School enrollment currently ranges from 360-75 students. Teaching staff totals 47. The proposed project would continue to operate as a private preschool and K-5 Elementary, increasing enrollment and staffing by approximately 50 students and 20 teachers for a total maximum enrollment of 425 students, and a total staffing of 67 teachers and administrators.

The project also proposes an amendment to revise the site’s zoning designation from R-3 to Planned Development (PD), adoption of a Master Plan, and approval of Conditional Use Permit. The project would require Design Review, and approval of the Conceptual Development Plan and Detailed Development Plan.

Environmental Review

A Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) has been prepared for the project; the DEIR will be reviewed at a Planning Commission Study Session on September 20, 2016 at 7:00PM (City Hall Council Chambers, One Twin Pines Lane).  Public Hearings for the project are anticipated to begin in October or November 2016.   

Notice of Availability (NOA)

Merry Moppet-Belmont Oaks Academy Final EIR

Notice of Availability Merry Moppet / Belmont Oaks Academy Project Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR)

Location Map:

Aerial Photo:

Conceptual Site Plan:


Construction Phase Plan:

New Classroom Building:

Draft Environmental Impact Review (DEIR):

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