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Clear Channel Outdoor Digital Billboard Project -- 1385 Shoreway Road

Project Summary:

The Project involves construction and operation of one new double-sided outdoor advertising LED billboard on the City-owned pump station property that would be oriented toward traffic along adjacent U.S. 101. Each LED display would be 48 feet wide by 14 feet tall mounted on a column so that the overall height is approximately 60 feet above grade. The two display faces will be oriented in a “V” shape such that the displays face the two directions of highway traffic.

Consistent with City and Caltrans goals to reduce the overall number of billboards, particularly along U.S. 101 and El Camino Real, approval of the proposed digital billboard will include an agreement to remove other static billboards within the City of Belmont. The removal of other billboards in order to place a new billboard is facilitated through a “Relocation Agreement”. In coordination with the City, the Clear Channel Outdoor proposes removal of eight billboard faces, as follows: four 12 foot by 25 foot billboard faces along U.S. 101 (and Shoreway Road), and four billboard faces along El Camino Real: a double-sided 12 foot by 25 foot billboard, and two single-facing signs sized 12 feet by 25 feet and 14 feet by 48 feet, respectively.

The public comment period for the Draft Environmental Study occurred from December 23, 2014 to January 22, 2015; no public comments were received regarding the environmental study.

Public Hearings for the project are anticipated in July and August 2015.

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