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Mexican Lotería (Online)

  • Date: 07/23/2020 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM  
Loteria Facebook Event pic 
LoterĂ­a has been played in Mexico since 1769, popular for the whole family during fairs and holiday posadas. This is a great way to learn or practice your Spanish, and the event is FREE.vIt is similar to Bingo, except we will be calling riddles in Spanish, followed by the answer card with a drawing that you will be shown on screen.  (The answer card will only be shown once.) When you sign up, you will be sent a picture of a Tabla (game board).  If the card on screen shows up on your Tabla, you will then mark it. Winners will receive free Parks & Recreation Summer swag!
There are three ways you can play:
 1. PINTO BEANS (original)
Print out 1 color copy. Get a minimum of 16 uncooked Pinto beans (or any other dried beans, but pintos are the original). If you see a called card on your Tabla, cover it with 1 bean. Keep a few more handy, and play on a steady surface. Those beans like to jump around!
2. METAL BOTTLE CAPS (original easy version)
Print out 1 copy. Get a minimum of 16 metal bottle caps like the ones found in cola bottles, Topo Chico mineral water, spritzers, or other bottles (no judgment). If you see an answer card that is on your Tabla, cover it with 1 bottle cap. If you don’t have 16 bottle caps, you can replace them with any other small matching items.
Save an original version on your desktop. For each new game, create a copy, and mark the called items using the Paint program on your computer or some other simple drawing tool.
We will play the following games: 
1. Any horizontal or vertical line
2. T
3. Inner square
4. Outer square (frame)
1. Immediately write "LOTERIA!" on the Chat screen or send a DM (Direct Message) on Zoom saying that you have it. The game will pause.
2. Take a photo/screenshot of your winning Tabla and email it to us at
3. If it’s a winning Tabla, the game ends and we will move on to the next.
4. If the Tabla does not match the called cards, the game continues until there is a winner. 
To register (we have 150 unique Tablas!), go to and look for Loteria. Make sure to leave us an email and the number of players in your household, and afterwards you will receive an email with the link to the Zoom Meeting and your Tablas. Note: Zoom must be downloaded on your PC first before being able to join the meeting. 


ÂĄHasta pronto!

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