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    Twin Pines Park Master Plan

    This park’s unique combination of recreation, rental, community-building, arts, historical, and natural assets can be better leveraged once a master plan is in place. This plan will also address circulation and accessibility challenges. A consultant has been engaged to prepare outreach and engagement events to assess the community’s vision for the park and will prepare conceptual designs outlining the park’s future improvements. The master plan will be presented to the Parks & Recreation Commission and City Council.

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    Belmont Local Minimum Wage Increase

    Beginning January 1, 2019, employers who are subject to the Belmont Business License Tax OR who maintain a facility in Belmont must pay to each employee who performs at least two (2) hours of work per week in Belmont, minimum wages not less than $13.50 per hour. The minimum wage requirement set forth in the Belmont Minimum Wage Ordinance applies to adult AND minor employees who work two (2) or more hours per week (tips not included). Beginning January 1, 2021, and annually thereafter, the Belmont minimum wage will be adjusted based on the Regional Consumer Price Index. Under the Ordinance, employees who assert their rights to receive the City’s minimum wage are protected from retaliation. Employees may file a civil lawsuit against their employers for any violation of the Ordinance or may file a complaint with the City of Belmont. The City will investigate possible violations and will require access to payroll records. The City will enforce violations of the minimum wage ordinance by ordering reinstatement of employees, payment of back wages unlawfully withheld and penalties.

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