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    Facility Rentals for Event Planning

    When planning your special day, going online is the fastest and easiest way you can find out if any of our facilities (including picnic areas) are available for rent. You can check multiple dates or even locations, to see availability.

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    Help us imagine a new community center!

    Barrett Community Center has served the Belmont Community for 70 years. Now it’s time to envision a new park and community center facility. Don’t miss out on updates and meetings about this project.

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    Twin Pines Park Master Plan

    The Master Plan developed with community input is now complete and has been approved by Council. Read more about the plan process and final recommendations.

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    Belmont Local Minimum Wage Increase

    Beginning January 1, 2019, employers who are subject to the Belmont Business License Tax OR who maintain a facility in Belmont must pay to each employee who performs at least two (2) hours of work per week in Belmont, minimum wages not less than $13.50 per hour.