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2015 Earth Day  FLYER  03-20-15


The Environmental section of Public Works focus is on safeguarding the environment for the health, protection and benefit of the community, to comply with all applicable solid waste, sewer, storm drain, and water quality laws and regulations through increasing awareness and participation in environmental protection efforts, inspections of properties and enforcement for pollution control regulatory compliance, managing the collection, recycling and disposal of solid waste, maintaining roads and storm drain systems to minimize pollutants, maintenance and construction of sewer and storm drain infrastructure, and participating in regional sewer and storm water discussions.  Participate in conjunction with San Mateo County public information and outreach on Water Pollution Prevention, adoption of Reusable Bag and Polystyrene ordinance, and other environmental awareness such as Creek Awareness, Stormwater Emergency Preparedness, and BMP's for Pools and Spas.