RFP NumberTitleStartingClosingStatus
RFP-RalstonCorridorSegment1RFP-Design services for Segment 1 of the Ralston Avenue Corridor Improvement ProjectNEW!05/17/2016 10:29 AM06/07/2016 4:00 PMOpen
CCN2016-543Inviting Sealed Bids-Ralston Avenue Pedestrian Improvement Project04/27/201605/18/2016 2:00 PMClosed
RFP-2016RootFoamingRequest for Proposal- 2016 Root Foaming Master Service Agreemet04/26/2016 4:17 PM05/16/2016 4:00 PMClosed
RFQ-Addndm1TrailerMountRawSewagePumpAddendum 1-Request for Quote-One (1) Trailer Mounted Diesel Engine Powered Raw Sewage Pump04/14/2016 4:26 PM04/27/2016 2:00 PMClosed
CCN2015-542Inviting Sealed Bids-Old County Road Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvement Project04/08/2016 8:00 AM05/04/2016 2:00 PMClosed
RFQ-1TrailerMountRawSewagePumpRequest for Quote-One (1) Trailer Mounted Diesel Engine Powered Raw Sewage Pump03/29/2016 8:33 AM04/27/2016 2:00 PMClosed
2016-547Invitation for Sealed Bids- Davey Glen Park Project03/16/2016 2:34 PM04/18/2016 2:00 PMClosed
CCN 2015-533Alexander Park Restroom Project03/09/201604/14/2016 2:00 PMClosed
RFQ-GeotechSVCRequest for Qualifications_On-Call Geotechnical Engineering Services02/22/2016 3:58 PM03/23/2016 4:00 PMClosed
RFQ-1TrailermountsewagepumpRequest for Quote-One (1) 6”x6” Trailer Mounted Diesel Engine Powered Raw Sewage Pump11/05/2015 3:42 PM11/18/2015 3:00 PMClosed
RFQ-1SulzerRequest for Quote-One (1) Sulzer/ABS Submersible Sewage Pump11/05/2015 3:35 PM11/18/2015 2:00 PMClosed
2015 - 534Addendum #3 - 2015 Belmont Sewer Rehabilitation Project07/17/2015 11:24 AM07/22/2015 2:00 PMClosed
2015-534Addendum #2 - 2015 Belmont Sewer Rehabilitation Project07/10/2015 3:53 PM07/22/2015 2:00 PMClosed
RFP- Material Testing SvcRFP- Material Testing Services06/30/2015 11:34 AM07/22/2015 2:00 PMClosed
CCN2015 - 534Addendum #1 - 2015 Sewer Rehabilitation Project06/23/2015 4:55 PM07/15/2015 2:00 PMClosed
CCN 2015-534Inviting Sealed Bids- 2015 Sewer Rehabilitation Project06/08/2015 10:25 AM07/15/2015 2:00 PMClosed
RFQ-Survey-MappingRFQ-Request for Qualifications for Land Surveying and Mapping Services06/03/2015 4:53 PM06/26/2015 4:00 PMClosed
RFP-SS FlowRFP- Request for Sanitary Sewer Flow Monitoring Services06/03/2015 4:45 PM06/24/2015 2:00 PMClosed
RFP- Fleet 06-08-15Inviting Sealed Bids- Purchase, Install and Outfit Emergency Equipment on Six (6) Police Vehicles05/27/201506/08/2015 2:00 PMClosed
CCN2015-531Inviting Sealed Bids- Ralston Ave and Mountain View Storm Drain Repair Project05/11/2015 4:41 PM06/02/2015 2:00 PMClosed

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