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 Youth Advisory Committee



The Youth Advisory Committee serves as the teen perspective on real life issues facing the City of Belmont. The YAC allows teens to work directly with adults while remaining focused on increasing civic engagement in Belmont. The YAC is for students who want to get involved in local government, socialize and debate hot topics, and who want to better prepare themselves for college and life beyond.   


Open to Belmont residents, ages 11-17. Approved applicants will be selected to a 1-year term of membership. 


The Youth Advisory Committee meets twice a month to discuss current events and plan future projects. 


The Youth Advisory Committee is coordinated by Recreation Specialist Jeffrey Giacoletto 650-637-2927. 

Meet Our Current Members  


1.     Noah Braunstein; 6th grade; Ralston Middle School

2.    Alexandra Poda; 7th grade; Ralston Middle School

3.    Abby Sanders; 8th grade; Ralston Middle School

4.    Maggie Pavao; 8th grade; Ralston Middle School

5.    Brennan Dai; 8th grade; Ralston Middle School

6.    Isaac Braunstein; 9th grade; Carlmont High School

7.    Yamini Prasad; 9th grade; Design Tech High School

8.    Yannie Lam; 10th grade; Carlmont High School

9. Mikayla Cheng; 11th grade; Carlmont High School

10. Victor Li; 12th grade; Carlmont High School

11. Sam Perry; 12th grade; Carlmont High School

12. Madison Gates; 12th grade; Home School

13. Jade Sebti; Parks and Recreation Youth Commissioner; Carlmont High School

14. Talia Fine; Parks and Recreation Youth Commissioner; Carlmont High School





Volunteers Outreach Involvement Community Events & Services


Are you a teen interested in helping your community? Join VOICES, a teen community service group of students from the Belmont/San Carlos area. We participate in several service projects throughout the school year all around the Bay Area. Join us for our upcoming “VOICES Rush events” on Monday, August 28 from 7-8 pm and Wednesday, September 7, from 3:30-4:30 at the Belmont Library.


Each fall, applicants are selected for the group to replace graduating seniors. VOICES accepts applications from students who are; freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors in the spring. Once applicants are accepted, they remain active in the group until they graduate high school.


VOICES meets two Mondays a month to discuss and plan upcoming events and activities. Members can expect to participate in at least one volunteer activity per month. Events are usually scheduled during the weekends so as not to interfere with classes.


VOICES is a Belmont Parks & Recreation Department Program. Supervision of the group is provided by Youth and Teen Recreation Specialist Jeffrey Giacoletto 650-637-2927 and Teen Librarian Kayla Marie Figard 650-591-8286 x233.

Meet Our Current Members


  1. Felix Chen; Sophomore
  2. Justin Som; Junior
  3. Aaron Chen; Junior
  4. Christian Licudine; Junior
  5. Richard Wang; Junior
  6. Ryan Leung; Junior
  7. Devansh Tandon; Junior
  8. Sam Fields; Junior
  9. Jason Liu; Junior
  10. Swathi Nair; Senior
  11. Cherry Wang; Senior




2015/2016 Highlights

 September  California Coastal Clean Up - environmental work
 October  InnVision Shelter Network - free book donations
 November  Samaritan House of San Mateo County - food distribution for the holidays
 December  Digital Photo Making - converting photos to digital prints for seniors
 January  San Francisco YMCA - playing sports with people who face disabilities
 February  Father Daughter Dance - photo booth, corsage distribution, event support
 March  Cat and Dog Toy Making - make toys for animals in shelter
 April  Egg Adventure Hunt - preparation, youth activities and event support
 May   Belmont Library - end of the year awards dinner


Click to see photos from recent projects!



Belmont Library


Programs for teens aged 12 - 18 are provided through a partnership with the Library.

The Teen Center is open at the Belmont Library Monday - Friday from 3 pm - 6:00 pm. Supervised by an adult, this area has tables, computers and youth are free to socialize and have light snacks.We also have a teen friendly computer lab and study rooms available for teens only between 3-5. Plus we have fun & free programs almost every day of the week! 

Mondays   Maker Mondays  3:30pm - Crafts, food, and music are created!
Teen Study Hall  3:30pm -  Enjoy food tastings, crafts, jam sessions and tech programs! 
Teen Gaming  3:30pm - Wii tournaments, trivia nights and movie fun!
Special Events  3:30pm - Throwback Thursdays in the Teen Center (2nd Thursday of the Month); TAG Meetings (3rd Thursday); Life Hacks: Life Skills Workshops for Teens (4th Thursday)


Plus Special Events such as Open Mic Nights, Battle of the Bands, Film Festivals, Art Contests and more. 

Check out Teen Librarian Kayla's Facebook Events Page and follow @_blteens_ on Instagram for the latest updates! Email her directly at figard@smcl.org







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