Manor - Front Parlor 700x290
Facility Table Setting 700x290
Redwood Picnic Area 700x290
Twin Pines Lodge 700x290
Twin Pines Meadow 700x290
Twin Pines Cottage 700x290
Sports Complex & Conference Center 700x290
Twin Pines SCC Interior 700x290
Buckeye Picnic Area 700x290
Barrett Community Center 700x290
Alexander Park Picnic Area 700x290


Hosting your event with the City of Belmont is convenient and easy. First, read the information below and interact with the map by clicking on the facility and park locations. Once you've found the perfect match, contact our office at 650-595-7441 to check for date availability. Then stop by our office to sign a rental agreement form and get excited for your upcoming family function, work meeting or picnic!

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