Special Election 2016

Belmont Streets and City Services Measure Goes to Voters 

On Tuesday, July 26, 2016, the Belmont City Council voted to place the Belmont Streets and City Services Measure, a one-half cent general sales tax, on the ballot as a means to generate necessary funds for infrastructure and other City services. If approved by the voters, this measure would generate around $1.3 Million annually and could be used to address aging infrastructure items such as pothole repair, repairing and maintaining neighborhood streets, storm drain repair as well as public safety services. To ensure the public that the funds will be used effectively the measure requires an annual independent audit and annual review by a citizen oversight committee.

Click here for a copy of the resolution adopted by the City Council, and the ordinance to be considered by the voters.

Election Calendar - 

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Primary Argument Received in Favor of Measure I

Primary Argument Received Against Measure I

City Attorney's Impartial Analysis (due August 29, 2016)

Rebuttal Argument to Argument in Favor of Measure I (due August 29, 2016)

Rebuttal Argument to Argument Against Measure I (due August 29, 2016)

Campaign Committee Information

Committee in Support of Belmont Measure I - Form 410 Statement of Organization

Belmont Citizens for Responsible Spending--Against Measure I - Form 410 Statement of Organization

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